Cookies Vibe has begun in 2017. Cookies Vibe has a range of different cookies available and has 5 categories in its list which are chips, cookies, serunding, meringues and snacks. We have a wide range of artisan cookies to choose from. I bet at least one would suit your palate, (or maybe all of it ;)) During the Eid Festival we prepare the biskut raya, how about the Chinese New Year & Deepavali? I wonder what kind of cookies they serve? What do they call biskut raya? Hmm... Cookies Vibe has a range of cookies you have seen: Almond London, Pineapple Tart and Crispy Rainbow. To make quality cookies using premium ingredients, we use our own exclusive recipe. Would you like to know our secret recipe? You need to buy some cookies, I suppose, and you can guess what we use ;) Everyone loves cookies, who doesn't? We do love eating cookies =)

Below are the range of cookies that we used to eat: 

  1. Almond London

Almond London cookies recipes are available here.

  1. Pineapple Tart

Pineapple tart recipes are available here.

A basket of cookies

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  1. Crispy Rainbow

 It is also known as Rainbow Cookies or Biskut Lidah Kucing.

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