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Cookies Vibe Story : Malaysia Best Premium Cookies

We love cookies. Well, who doesn’t, right? The unofficial business was started in Ramadhan 2017. We tried to gather the fund by selling cookies to friends & families. Alhamdulillah, for the first time, we successfully handed in RM400 (for 2 weeks effort) to the shelter home in our neighborhood. 

When we went for a visit, we realized that amount is barely enough to help them. And, another truth hits us hard! We learnt that these young teenagers can only stay there before they reached 18 years old. Yes, true… I guess we all already knows that. But, do we care where they went to? Uh huh, ignorance is a bliss they said.

The FIN Project


This has opened our eyes and hearts… giving a fish won’t help much. As an academician, we could help them strengthen their education, financial management and entrepreneurial skills to prepare for the “real world”. To do this, we need funding. We have connection to register to pre-diploma course, but the main problem is…. passion. Their only focus is survival. Whatever that can feed them throughout the day. Better future? Naah… even tomorrow is unknown. Therefore, A BIG FUND is needed, as this project requires long term commitment to switch that mindset. We want to avoid the classic ways of helping by not doing the crowdfunding but jump into the entrepreneurial world ourselves.

To our surprise, Alhamdulillah, with the right intention, our products were received warmly by the audience (customers). We were featured by a few actress such as Sheila Rusly, Nad Zainal and many more without any payment involved. Blessed. We realized this could go further.

Move forwards, our Founder, Miss N decided to resign from her job to focus on this project. Go big or go home, they said. Allah has made our path easy; we have to curate the path passionately. The Fin project (Financial Inclusivity) InshaAllah will kick off soon. For now, we have drafted the project together with few other NGOs.

2020 and beyond

Cookies Vibe super delicious products produced using highest quality ingredients from our kitchen. We are in the process of getting Halal Certificate from JAKIM.

- Cookies Vibe have systematic agent system, about hundreds of agents all around Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei.

- TOP 5  (the competition is still ongoing) for PKNS Start-up Challenge 2020. 

Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor - PKNS | Vectorise

-Got assist & Mentorship on BMC, VPC & Account dept. by MTDC.

RM 2.4 Million Awarded | MIT-Technologies

-Succesfully chosen as one of  Youth Co: Lab Malaysia (UNDP-MAGIC) participant.

Youth Co:Lab Application Sabah

-2020: Sponsored by Exabytes Malaysia for Websites: towards e-Commerce Malaysia.

Exabytes TV - YouTube

- Brand 100 & Online 100 participant organized by SITEC.

SITEC|Selangor Information Technology & Ecommerce Council

- 2021: MDEC (DSBA Programme) Top 100 participants.

Gobind picks Malaysian based in US to be next MDEC CEO | Digital News Asia

And many more to come …